Corporate Communications Manager- Partially Remote

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Corporate Communications Manager- Partially Remote

Job description

Corporate Communications and Public Relations

A vibrant culture is based on trust. With this in mind, we are reimagining a hybrid work environment to help us collaborate and work more effectively. Our recipe for productivity includes:

Empowerment + Accountability = Freedom to determine the best remote work (away from your team or office) based on your role, business needs, and leadership.

*Remote/hybrid work environment is determined after the training phase and will work out of the office based on role, business need, and leadership.

Over the past years we have worked on enhancing our external communication. This has been achieved with great support from our communications team as well as some effort by leadership. While positive on many fronts, it has not been a well-structured solution and is often an afterthought. We have also missed opportunities to promote our brand with existing and potential future customers. In short, it has not been a clear priority of a proactive expert in our team.

We have a huge opportunity to add a gifted talent to our team who will take full ownership of all external communication, for all our brands, and help us find a clear and focused voice.

This person will take holistic charge of all external PR communication in our group of companies. The role will be housed in Marketing and report to the VP of Marketing.

The future employee has the ability to work fairly autonomously and is considered a manager level professional. The candidate will have years of experience and the ability to teach us how corporate PR is done correctly and effectively. They will be in charge of our communications strategy and output.


  • We are not great at corporate communication or story telling!
  • Most of our team, including our leadership team, are technical in nature and prone to using many words.
  • Most of our staff are trained to be very factual in correspondence so our messaging can come across as cold or even hostile instead of customer love letters. We also tend to talk “to people” instead of “with people”.
  • We miss opportunities to communicate and create brand goodwill.
  • Our message is, at times, not optimized for strategic impact or aligned with a long-term purpose.
  • Our websites are very wordy and not text optimized.
  • Make PR / communication become a force-multiplier for our organization and brands. Research, define, prepare, and execute the deliverables.

Examples of duties and action points:

  • Design an effective customer strategy for communication to board members, homeowners, management companies, and other target groups across our brands.
  • Design the optimal communication strategy and output to attract the right talent for our companies.
  • Be an active writer for our brands and develop relevant content.
  • Ensure company-wide consistency from websites, eblasts, customer letters to blog posts. Implement strategy of “love letters”.
  • PR - Story telling
  • Time and subject relevant information
  • Elevate our reputation
  • Create engaged followers. Add value.
  • Create effective value proposition templates for sales process
  • Time and subject relevant, value-adding communication
  • Elevate our reputation
  • Create engaged followers
  • Add value and be a force-multiplier
  • Create effective value proposition templates for sales process
  • Create an attractive message for future talent.
  • Create social media strategy for key roles in our company i.e., leadership, recruiters, etc.

Initially this new experienced employee would be focused on the PR role but there is a possibility that the candidate will take over leadership of the Communications team in time and also help develop them.

Job requirements

  • Love for brand storytelling
  • Strategic company messaging to customers, prospective customers, and the community
  • Master of the English language
  • Experience creating communications identities, brand voice, and value proposition
  • Ownership and desire to have autonomy with a key company challenge
  • Cultivate and deliver strategy and concepts to executive partners.
  • Strong team player
  • Experience in a similar role in the range of 5 to 10 years